Hello, Carlab'ers.

Please use this wiki to share obscure lab wisdom with your fellow Carlab engineers! The idea is that, as the semester progresses and people spend more and more time hunting stupid bugs and making amazing new discoveries in the fields of electronics and embedded control systems, you can save each other hours of tears and agony by contributing your own nuggets of crucial but hard-earned knowledge. To get started, have a look at the current collection of wisdom on the pages to the left. The TA added a little to get you started, but the rest depends on you.

To edit a page (other than the welcome screen, which has been locked to prevent chaos), click the "edit" link above. Every ELE 302 student should have been invited to create an account -- if not, ask Eirik. Feel free to improve anything. Please edit the existing pages available in the menu to the left rather than creating new ones so that others will be able to find your contributions.

(Uncle Sam wants your contribution, too.)

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